Cable Harness Assembly

From the idea to series production

Cable Harness Assembly

As our names already indicates, everything we do revolves around “cable harness production” (Kabelbaumfertigung)!

We produce cable sets from specifically pre-assembled single cables and all accessories according to the customers’ documentation. If needed, we can integrate pre-assembled cable sets into existing systems or combine them in assembly kits. Our scope of services in the field of cable harness assembly includes, amongst other things:

Fully-automated cable processing of single lines

Using state-of-the-art, fully automatic Komax machines, we produce cable cutting lengths for subsequent cable harness assemblies ourselves. In doing so, all single wires up to max. 6.0 mm² can be cut, connected, printed on, and equipped with single wire insulation for the desired length. Thanks to more than 600 crimping tools we can process a large range of contacts according to crimp specifications. The crimp force monitor integrated in our machines ensures that the crimp specifications are always maintained. You can read more about the standards that are necessary to maintain the product quality at KBF in the "Quality management” section.

Processing sheathed cables and multi-core cables

We precisely process sheathed cables and multi-core cables up to a cross section of 95 mm² and a stripped length of 999.99mm using Komax-Kappa cutting machines. The integrated rotary blades allow us to strip irregularly round-sheathed cables, without damaging the inner wire. Likewise, we can also safely strip hard-to-process insulation materials such as, for example, PTFE- or silicone insulations with our Komax strip machines. Multi-sheathed or multi-shielded cables are also increasingly gaining importance in the field of high-frequency signal transmissions. Thanks to our mechanical options, we can safely strip coaxial lines in multiple stages, in order to create an optimal foundation for further assembly of Fakra- plug-in systems, for example.

Semi-automated processing of single cables

We use semi-automated crimp machines by the company Komax to equip single cables of sheathed cables with contacts both process-reliably and at a high quality. By using the same tools as in the case of fully automated crimp machines and under the same technical conditions such as integrated crimp force monitors, a consistent quality can thus be ensured.

Printing / Labelling

To label components, cables, casing and plug connectors, we wither use an inkjet or pad-print process. Both processes – the decision is made according to the quality demands of the customer – label directly and non-abrasively. Additional markings such as a label or tag is also possible.


In order to  transmit Can-Bus signals without interference, a process-reliable twisting of the single cables is necessary. Using our Komax twisting machine, we can exactly maintain the specified process parameters, such as lay lengths for example.

Connection technology

Whether a multi-connection using parallel connectors, an integration of a resistance using splicing tape or end-splices by means of ultra-sonic welding technology. The required machines for all applications are available at KBF, in order to conduct all types of cable connection technologies. The insulation of multi-connections using adhesive-coated thermal reduction lines are a standard at that. In the case that a high-grade insulation of the multi-connections is necessary – such as for applications on the outer parts of vehicles for the longitudinal water sealing- by adding additional adhesive and using the shrinking machine specifically available for these tasks at KBF, these can be insulated in a process-reliable manner.


We take care of soldering lines to circuit boards starting with very low quantities using our wave soldering system.

We additionally have well-trained and experienced employees who can carry out more complex soldering tasks using various manual soldering stations.

Cable protection / Cable banding

KBF offers all forms of standard cable protection – as the customer desires, corrugated tubes, shrink tubes, insulating tubes, fabric tubes or zipper tubes can be used. Thanks to our 5 winding machines, we can offer strapping up cable sets using various wrapping tapes in cost-effective variants. In the field of commercial vehicles and machine engineering – generally in application areas with high mechanical and thermal strain – the braiding of cable sets is recommended. Here too, we have access to excellent machinery and can offer a “high-performance braided threat” that covers temperatures between -54° to +138°C.

Cable harness manufacture – final assembly

We product cable sets of all types and sizes in our final assembly. Our customers face no restrictions regarding quantity or size of the cable sets. In addition to the conventional, A-Z cable manufacture, we can also convert large-series products, which are not produced by the manufactures as desired by the customer, such as convert connection plugs of a ventilation system. A further service is the setup of test equipment, switch cabinets, central electrics and electrical interfaces. In doing so, the three components: component assembly, mechanical engineering and cable assembly, can be executed from one source at our site.

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