High Voltage Cabling

Confection of high voltage cabling

High Voltage Cabling

Apart from producing cable harnesses in the low voltage range, KBF also manufactures high voltage cabling.

It is a fact that an increasing number of vehicles in the commercial vehicle sector are introduced to the market equipped with electric drives or already existing vehicles are retrofitted to accommodate electric applications. And this is exactly where KBF comes in as your reliable partner for the manufacture of customer-specific high voltage cabling in small and medium quantities.

We are well-stocked with appropriate, high-performance machinery, use crimping tools and rely on well-proven processing methods in the low voltage segment as well as in the high voltage range.  

In addition, our highly competent workforce has acquired the necessary know-how in cable manufacturing over many years.

Together with our customers we develop tailor-made solutions, offer partial assemblies (”Pigtails“) and complete cabling in the high voltage range.

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