Injection Molding

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Injection Molding

Depending on the installation situation, cable sets and harnesses and their components are especially exposed to mechanical and thermal stress in the area of commercial vehicles. By injection molding suitable material around the components, the premature malfunctioning of the parts can be countered. Using a low-pressure injection molding machine, we can protect the components in a hot-melt process.

For small to mid-sized quantities, the hot-melt process is a cost-effective alternative to the high-pressure injection molding. Due to the lower injection pressure, injection molding forms out of aluminum can be used, that can resist several thousand injection processes without a loss of quality.

We can design the aluminum injection molding forms and cost-effectively manufacture these using our own milling machine.

Examples of our services include:

Spraying strain-reliefs

Spraying sealing grommets

Spraying assembly and holding fixtures

Sealing or encapsulating connections, circuit boards, sensors, etc.

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