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Smooth logistics that are optimally coordinated with the customers are absolutely indispensable in the case of tightly integrated customer-supplier interlinked relationships. Standard supply services via forwarder and parcel services no longer suffice; Speed, efficiency and preventing material handling require custom delivery concepts.

We can draft our own supply scenarios together with our customers, this consider the respective requirements. Whether shipment to consignment warehouses to cushion fluctuating demand, prompt delivery or delivery directly to the production line – simply let us know your preferences. Likewise, we can jointly reduce the expenditure of the order disposition – for example, by using framework contracts or controlling the container Kanban, excessive order expenses can be avoided.

Preventing waste, packaging expenses and unpacking processes are equally a logistics task. Additional effort can be avoided via a defined container concept.

Use the option, to receive the shipments directly to your production line, at defined times using the in-house logistics with an appropriate container concept.

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