Quality with a system

Quality Management

In 2000, we already introduced a quality management system that was certified by the TÜV Management Service GmbH for the planning, production, distribution and service for our cable harnesses. The processes required in the management system are defined, lived and evolved in line with VDA volume 6.3 and periodically audited, so that a constant improvement towards a strategy of 0 mistakes occurs.

In addition to the required framework conditions from the ISO standard, we adhere to supplementing product-specific production standards, which are demanded in the automobile industry, need to be met and are equally applied for all customers and products by KBF.

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Cable processing: VW60330 – Processing of solderless electric connections

These standards define the terms, requirements and test criteria to assess solderless electric crimp connections that are made with crimp sheathes and soft-copper multi-, fine- and most-delicate stranded wires. The norms also define the conditions regarding production, testing and evaluation of crimp connections. In single cases, the component norm sketches of the contacts and cable lugs provide detailed crimp specifications.

The VW60330 specification in connection with the crimp specifications by the contact parts producer are maintained by KBF by using crimp machines with crimp force monitoring and appropriate crimp tools. The crimp values (crimp height and width) are regularly monitored prior to the start of production of a batch and throughout the process. Moreover, the in-house micro-section laboratory permits us to additionally closely test the crimp data regarding VW norms.

Installation process: IPC/WHMA-A-620B – Requirements and hand-over criteria for cable and cable harness building groups

This guideline describes the hand-over criteria for the production of crimped, mechanically secured or soldered connections and the assembly activities connected to cable and cable harness building groups. KBF uses this guideline alongside the production as a directive for manual assembly tasks for the assessment as approved or not-approved – in addition to the binding customer specifications.

The constant high assembly quality is ensured by regular random samples throughout the assembly process and the corresponding training measures by our quality controller.

Final inspection

Each individual cable set is subject to a 100% check at KBF prior to delivery, i.e. the accuracy of the electrical connections is tested, a short-circuit and construction materials are tested (e.g. resistance or capacitor value) and a geometric test is made using an assembly board. If desired, an insolation test up to 2000V/DC can be made on the respective cable set.

To ensure a secured traceability, cable sets are marked with a test label after a successful final inspection. The data included on these provide information on the tested cable set and its test report which is centrally stored on the company servers and can be accessed by the customer at any time. The cable set can also be identified using the barcode/QR code. This simplifies sorting the building components for our customers, for example when creating digital vehicle files.

The necessary test systems can be created using the in-house test equipment construction and the hardware can be set up accordingly. The corresponding software is also individually tailored to the cable set, so that the we can offer fast and cost-effective total solutions to our customers.

PPF – Production process- and product release

In the context of globalization, standardized sampling of new components has become a central task for quality management. “Securing the quality of shipments” using a PPF process is defined in VDA vol.2. We can carry out presentation stages from 0 to 3 of the PPF verification in close coordination with the customer. In doing so, the following procedural approaches can be applied while exchanging the corresponding data:

  • Initial sample inspection report
  • Process flow Chart Production control plan
  • Software test report
  • List of test equipment
  • Product life cycle
  • Definition of special characteristics

Additional wishes regarding release procedures, Din standards for special areas of application (MIL, medical field) or internal company provisions can also be implemented as per the customer’s definition.